Congratulations to our newest Journeyman, Serena Kelley
A huge thanks to all who showed up in the rain and mud for the DuQuoin Labor Day Parade.
Congratulations to our newest Journeyman, Eric Theiss, Aaron Dryden, Jacob Hammel, and Colin Hogg.
Congratulations to Katy Bartels, our newest Journeyman.
The Southwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council welcomed two new members at its meeting on Sept. 14. John Lepere is the Bus. Rep. for SMW Local 268, and Jerad Volkmar is Bus. Agent for Laborers Local 1084 of Hillsboro.- Labor Tribune Photo
Serena Lewis, Local 268 4th year apprentice installing some duct in a mechanical room at Belleville Memorial Hospital. Full Story in the Labor Tribune.
2018 DuQuoin job fair
2018 DuQuoin job fair
Enjoy your retirement Kevin
Enjoy your retirement Kevin
Jim Herrington swearing in Scott, our new Organizer
Two of our newest journeymen (Jordan and Stefan) being sworn in.
Katy Bartels photo from the Labor Tribune.
The SMW Local 268 executive board donated their December pay, along with matching funds from the local raised $2,334.04 to local food pantries including Southern Illinois. Elected officials shown left to right are: Mike Davis, Vince Gudines, Ross Reiman, James Herrington, Kevin Diercks, Dale Rudloff, John LePere, John Mentz, Chris Kelly, Jeff Argurieo, and Scott Ricketts. Not pictured: Mark Endrizzi- Submitted by Scott Ricketts
A huge Thank You to the Combat War Vets for their donation to the local
Our new Organizer Scott already out meeting new people.. (J.B.Pritzker)
Thanks to the generosity of the people of Collinsville, Scott filled his truck for the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive for the US Post Office Saturday May 12, 2018
Scott and John doing a little picketing...
Thanks to the Metro East Combat Veterans for their donation to the Benevolent fund at the March meeting.
Bob Reed receiving his 70 year pin.
Jennifer Schneider photo from the Labor Tribune.